Eagles vs. Cowboys – Another Game Winner For Philadelphia

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In a meeting between two of the hottest NFL Training Camps, Philadelphia and Dallas, the Eagles got their first win of the week against the Cowboys. Philadelphia used their great special teams play to take a 17-10 lead late in the third quarter. Tony Romo fumbled twice in the first half and was later forced to punt the ball twice more. Only Eagles kicker Michael Ciccotti was kicking in relief.

Dallas was able to get the ball back with two minutes to go in the fourth quarter. They were able to move the ball upwards through the air and made it that way against the stuffing Philadelphia was giving them. After making the long pass that would tie up the game, Romo was able to complete a later pass to flooded the end zone to beat the eventual Pro Bowler, Lawrence Tynes. However, the Cowboys did get the ball in the fourth down on the goal line.

Philadelphia put the finishing touch on a delayed field goal by lengths in the fourth quarter to seal the victory. Both Dallas’ offense and defense looked sloppy in making the last plays of the game, leading to some question as to whether they could be successful against the Cowboys. Similar in some ways to the San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders games, the Eagles’ would need an aerial attack to get over the Dallas Defense. McNabb would end the first half on the bench with neck stiffness and several other players would end the second half and remaining in the locker room with similar ailments. Philadelphia would get the ball first, two time, on a McGahee fumble.

Tom Brady would then end the first half and the Patriots would go on a late drive that was capped off with a 41-yard touchdown pass to Lee Evans. Dallas answered with a John Holdlin field goal to trim the lead for the Patriots at 6-3. With the fields goal attempt being lined in the dirt, the hold, the Patriots came with the game on the line. Troy Brown would charge in from the right side and kick a 43-yard field goal to give the Patriots the double digit lead they were looking for. Deuce McAllister would then lose the ball backwards and lead to a punt on fourth and 13. Domenik H graphed across the goal line for a Jonathon Stewart touchdown pass to give the Patriots their first lead of the night.

The Cowboys would not get the chance to return behind the lead they had built early, when the Patriots offensive line would pitch the ball to Laurence Maroney, Maroney would get to work, breaking one hand open on the blitz and scoring that touchdown pass to put the Patriots up 17-7 with 12 seconds to go. That would be the final margin of victories in the NFL for the Patriots. Owner Jerry Jones understands that Brady is one of the most competitive people in sports today and it shows as he dissected Dallas so thoroughly.

When asked about the Patriots long distance shooting, Coach Bill Belichick would say that he is not sure how they accomplished it so easily. When it comes to long-distance shooting in the NFL, the better teams stick to the 40-50-100- 100 distance. Teams get either six or seven yards per paces and the better teams shoot over 80 yards, which is why the Giants were able to make it. The three players that Coach Belichick raved about all week were regularly in the Big Apple in the last game against the Jets, which was the Patriots’ second win of the season in New York.

In the end, Deuce McAllister, the Jets’ star running back, was elbowed by Patriot safety Rodney Harrison, who got a tripped Meachem and knocked him to the ground before he could turn and lunging for the goal line. That scrum ended the Patriots’ short afternoon and gave the Jets that 2-0 lead they wanted to keep their hopes alive. New York head coach Rex Ryan would tell the story about the blocked punt that almost became a TD and that Growing up in Boston that mimicked that of the blocked punt return by the Celtics, knowing it was on as New England had to go up against the one thing that not even the greatest NFL coach could come up with.

The Patriots next matchup will be a Monday night game on the Sunday when they’ll try to redeem themselves after getting blown out by the Dallas Cowboys in Philadelphia last Sunday with Tom Brady looking like a different quarterback than that hot, young quarterback we’ve all seen and heard with his flashy move. I’m always a Jets fan, and always will be no matter whether it’s the Patriots or the Jets in a given series, but this Jets vs. Patriots matchup is always exciting as their styles of play rarely match up. One of these teams will make a statement and fans of both teams will be on the edge of their seats to see who comes out on top.


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